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Zoning Information

The Village enforces Zoning Codes and manages Building Permits and Occupancy Permits.

Contact  Zoning Administrator for more information at…           618-473-2300 Ext. 13

    Guidelines for Occupancy Permits

    • As required under Property Maintenance Code (Ordinance 29-1-1)
    • Originally adopted 8/11/1998
    • Re-adopted 4/1/2008 as part of a comprehensive ordinance review and update.
    • Occupancy permit process and procedures implemented effective 2/1/2009

    Basic Guidelines

    An occupancy permit is required on any residence (owner occupied or non-owner occupied) or commercial property located in the Village of Hecker.  The purpose of this requirement is to maintain a minimum level of property maintenance and safety.

    Occupancy Permit Fees and Costs

    Multi-Family Rental Structure Inspection Fee – $100.00 per dwelling unit

    This fee is required to be paid before an inspection will be scheduled and is valid for a period of one (1) year.  The dwelling unit does not have to be re-inspected during that period, even if the occupancy changes

    Single Family/Manufactured Home/Mobile Home Inspection Fee – $100.00

    This fee is required to be paid before an inspection will be scheduled and is valid for a period of one (1) year.  The dwelling unit does not have to be re-inspected during that period, even if the occupancy changes.


    Occupancy permit fee – $25.00 

    Certificate of Occupancy fee shall be paid at the time the certificate is issued.  It shall be the responsibility of the tenant/occupant to apply for the certificate of occupancy after the application for occupancy has been approved

    • Copy of an existing Occupancy Permit Fee – $20.00


    Tips and Suggestions


    The following items are a few of the things that are looked at when an inspection is performed.  To prevent costly re-inspections, it is your best interest to complete as many of these repairs as you can before you call for an inspection.



    Plumbing Facilities

    • Check all pipes and faucets for leakage and corrosion.
    • Check that all drains are in proper working condition.
    • Toilets should be secured to floor and in working condition.


    Heating Facilities

    • Furnace should be clean.
    • Gas furnaces must have a shut off valve.
    • Carbon Monoxide Detector must be installed within 15 feet of bedrooms and on each level of home.



    • All bathrooms must have a window or an operable exhaust fan for ventilation.
    • There must be at least one (1) GFCI outlet in each bathroom.
    • Check all pipes for leakage of sewer gas.
    • Floors to be impervious to water
    • Walls around tub/shower must be in good condition.
    • Bathroom must have adequate lighting.
    • Kitchen must have a sink in proper working order, cabinets.shelves, counter, stove hook-up and refrigerator hook-up.



    • Basement must be clean and free from rubbish.
    • Basement must be structurally sound.


    Stairs and Porches

    • All stairs must be properly attached and secure.
    • Stairs with more than four (4) risers must have a handrail.
    • All balconies and porches that are thirty (30) inches above floor or grade must have a guardrail.
    • All guardrail spindles must be no greater than four (4) inches apart.
    • All balconies, guardrails and handrails must be kept in good condition and painted.


    Roofs and Gutters

    • All gutters and down spouts must be in working order and free from leaks.
    • Roof must be free of leaks.
    • Check for rotted wood on overhangs, fascia, etc. all exterior wood must be painted.



    • Any cracks, missing brick must be made not to let in water, insects or rodents.


    Doors, Windows and Exterior Woodwork

    • Replace all rotted wood and paint.
    • Siding is maintained and functional
    • All windows must have locks and be in operable working condition.
    • All windows must have screens.
    • Windows must be free of cracks and broken glass, screens free of tears or holes.
    • Scrape and paint all wood around windows that is peeling and chipping.
    • Re-glaze windows where compound is dried, cracked or missing.
    • All doors must be sealed properly.
    • Deadbolts must be turn style, double key not allowed.
    • All rooms must have windows in good repair.


     Accessory Structures (Garages, Sheds, Etc.)

    • All accessory structures/ fences must be in compliance and in good repair.
    • All accessory structures must be kept free of trash, debris and vermin.



    • All bedrooms must meet the following requirements for occupancy:
    1. For one person – minimum of 70 square feet.
    2. 50 square feet increase in footage per extra person.
    • All bedrooms are required to have a closet of at least five (5) square feet with a rod to hang clothes.
    • All bedrooms must have a door for privacy.
    • If you have to pass through a room to get to another room it does not qualify as a legal bedroom.
    • All bedrooms must have a working smoke detector.



    • Standing water – grading and drainage problem from structure and property.
    • Trees, shrubs and grass properly maintained.

    If you have any questions, please call

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